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Should you get Pet Insurance for your Rabbit in the United States?

In the United States, only Nationwide offers Pet Insurance for Rabbits and other Exotic Animals.

Effective October 1st 2021, Nationwide no longer has the 90% coverage or the Wellness Plan. The highest level available now is 70% coverage of ONLY emergencies and sickness.

Dr. Kohles has an excellent presentation on Pet Insuance listed here.
Please especially note:
  Page 10 - **Most Important** - Plan options / Coverage
  Page 11 - Pre-existing Conditions
  Page 16 - Top Ten Claims for Small Mammals
  Page 17 - Example Ileus (GI Stasis)
  Page 20 - How to use pet insurance policies
  Page 21 - Submitting a paper claim form
  Page 22 - Submitting a claim electronically

All plans have a $250 annual deductable.

$10K annual limit.

The plans have a reimbursement type of 70% or 50%

You can also switch annually between the 70% / 50% reimbursement type.

Prices will vary substantially between states.

Monthly insurance cost for Nationwide is:

Reimbursement Type As Of 70%


6 mounts old female rabbit in California




3 year old male rabbit in Illinois




Florida Ooct 2021 $27.20



You can save $24 annually by paying for an entire year in advance. The remaining balance is returned, if you have to cancel your policy.

At one time, Nationwide had an emergency only plan for $10/mth (or $100/yr).
That plan is no longer available to new pets.