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Special Holiday Faire and bake sale - Nov 3rd - Bakers needed

The Rabbit Haven Holiday Fair and Bake sale- Held on Nov 3rd in Sunnyvale Inside at For Other Living things.  11AM to 4PM 1261 South Mary Street Sunnyvale Ca

Special Jewelry and one of a kind items by Unique Boutique!

Join in the fun this Saturday.  This fundraising event supports the Rabbit Haven medical bunnies. 

Awesome Holiday Faire and bake sale coming soon.  This year the event will be held alongside the Bunny Bee Holiday Faire at For Other Living things in Sunnyvale.  Bakers needed!

Darling Emma

Lovely, small,  brown Dutch mix female – charming and sweet -Playful and happy.  Opinionated as well.  Loves hay, fresh greens and lives in an x pen with a fleece lined floor.  She uses a litter box, food and water dishes – Loves toys and to play in her cottontail cottage.  Call us to make an apt to meet this lovely girl.

Bunny Hop is Sunday August 19th

Pet Food Express San Jose - Blossom Hill

Bunny Hop will be on Sunday August 19th 2018.

Please join us for a day filled with fun for you and your rabbits! Our bunny amusement area is designed with your bunny in mind. Tunnels, tents, and lots of toys. This fun event will be held at Pet Food Express San Jose Blossom Hill store from 12-4 PM.

This is a small, safe, indoor venue. The space has room for 15 bunnies at a time. Book your 1 hour time slot now! What fun!

The Rabbit Haven must move

The Rabbit Haven is looking for a new office space and storage site-  We have 60 days to move out.  
The current business property is being sold. 
We need to either rent a new place or move to the Sumner property and rent storage space. 

For a property rental, a 1-2 BR place with a garage is needed.
Any location from Watsonville to Campbell - A duplex is fine. 


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