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Update on WIllow

Hello everyone, It's Willow! I am feeling so much better now at the Rabbit Haven. I have my own room, clean soft fleece and toys too.  I'm taking my meds & eating well at last. I am loved here.  I can tell.  I have hugs and kisses.  I no longer need to be afraid. I have to wait for my surgery to fix my ear stump for a few more days.  That is a little scary thinking about my ear again.   I want so much to put all that behind me.  If you want to help me repair my ear you can! You can donate here. Love, Willow


=== Original story ===

Meet adorable Willow. She is a small, golden five month old lop. Sadly she has lost one ear due to a horrific attack.

Reader alert: the following text contains difficult abuse related material -

We first learned about Willow from our shelter advocate. It is reported that children had cut her ear off. Then to make matters worse, they were making her go down a slide and treating her badly. A neighbor had had enough - When the rabbit hopped into her yard she quickly gathered her and took her to a local shelter. She explained her circumstances. In addition another neighbor came in and filed a formal complaint re the rabbit's abusive situation. . The Rabbit Haven accepted her into our program as soon as the shelter had finished documenting her case. We are so happy to have this loving rabbit with us. Willow is currently in our medical care site (in quarantine).

Willow has a terribly injured ear stump. It has healed over completely closing off the ear canal leaving tattered edges on top. I can only imagine the pain she has suffered. Since her ear is closed off now a problem is created. Infection can easily be walled off and have serious consequences for the bunny. the ear adn face area is swollen on that side. Of course Willow cannot hear from this ear . For now she is on antibiotics and anti inflammation meds. .

When she is stronger, she will need surgery to open the ear canal and clean it out to remove any necrotic tissue. we hope to find a way to keep the canal open so it can be cleaned and be more functional for little willow. She is a lop and her injury causes the remaining ear to pull up a bit.

I hardly know what to say about her past treatment at the hands of these cruel children. I trust that the shelter will take the abuse complaint seriously and will follow through on the complaint.

Willow does not have to worry anymore. She is very safe with The Rabbit Haven.

She is the most gentle rabbit. Her path ahead will be difficult, however we will see her through all her medical care then when she recovers she will be wanting a forever home.

Today I wanted to let you know about her and to share her story. Please watch her video and look at her photos - To assist this sweet girl, you may donate to her fund here.


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