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Adoption Criteria - Rabbits

  1. Primary Caregiver: When a rabbit is adopted from Rabbit Haven, the primary caregiver will be a responsible adult. The rabbit will be treated as an integral part of the family, i.e. no group ownership such as a classroom or roommates pet. We do adopt rabbits to adults only as primary caregivers. The entire family must want the rabbit. If a young child is in the home, an adult will agree to supervise play and help children learn safe handling. We are here to help.
  2. Indoor Housing: Adopters of Rabbit Haven rabbits understand that our rabbits are indoor, household companion animals. This means that they must have their living space indoors, and must spend every day and night indoors. No garage housing. Due to the numerous risks of outdoor activity, the rabbit is never allowed outdoors except in a pet carrier or enclosed pet stroller.
  3. Keeping bunny safe:  Adopters agree to keep the bunny safe from all predators including other animals in the home..
  4. Spaying/Neutering: Except for medical or age specific concerns, all Haven rabbit are to be spayed or neutered prior to adoption or at an age and health appropriate time after adoption. This service is to be provided by an experienced rabbit veterinarian. We are happy to give you referrals. Even when the rabbit will live alone, spaying and neutering after sexual maturity is required due to health and reproductive concerns.
  5. Socialization: Rabbits are a highly socialable animal. It is the responsibility of the adult to make certain the rabbit receives enough social interaction. You may want to consider adopting a pair of rabbits or attempting to bond your rabbit with another rabbit at a future date.
  6. Permanent Adoptions: Your adoption is presumed to be permanent. However, if you are unable to keep your adopted bunny due to emergency conditions, death in the family or critical illness, or severe financial issues, we will be glad to assist you to secure a new home for your adopted rabbit. Rabbit Haven adopters agree not to surrender the rabbit to any other shelter, other rescue group or third party except for a family member will full notification to the haven. In those cases, we require that you send us the new name, address and email of the family member. We are happy to provide the new family with helpful information and support.
  7. Returns: The adopter agrees to contact the Director at the Haven if you cannot maintain a home for your bunny and need assistance. It is our intention to see if we can help provide what is needed before we accept the rabbit back into the Haven. . Our intention is to keep the family together. We will place your rabbit on our wait list as need be and take them back in as soon as possible.  Priority given in situations where illness/death of caregiver leaves the rabbit without original adopter.
  8. Medical care: The adoptive family agrees that the bunny will be seen by a rabbit veterinarian for medical care, nails or grooming as required at least one time per year. Referrals to a qualified vet will be given to you upon adoption. Your rabbit's first exam is provided to you at no charge.
  9. Adoption to responsible Adults: Rabbit Haven does not adopt rabbits to schools, organizations, or businesses. We are looking for loving, individuals or families who want a rabbit companion(s) to share their life. We want rabbits to be in a safe place every day and night. Not left alone in a business facility. We want happy, safe bunnies. If you are a teacher, talk to the Director about how to set up school visits.
  10. Education: Adopters will be provided with a full education packet. Successful adopters read this information carefully and call us with any questions they have. Of course our counselors will also go over this with you during your adoption and after the adoption as need be.



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