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Rabbit Haven Adoption Process (during COVID-19)


Rabbit adoptions occur at Rabbit Adoption shows in Santa Cruz or Los Gatos.

For rabbit adoptions, you will receive an application which we ask you to complete and send to Adoption events are held at Pet People in Los Gatos or at Pet Pals in Soquel (Santa Cruz County).

We carry out same day adoptions. We help you prepare for adoption in advance of the show.



  1. Call or email the Rabbit haven to request an application or download from our website.

  2. Complete your application and send to

  3. We will call you to go over any questions you may have and to set an appointment for you to meet and possibly adopt a rabbit.

  4. You come into the Haven on the day/time you set and meet the rabbit(s) you are interested in.

  5. All your questions will be answered during this meeting.

  6. Full rabbit care instruction is provided to each adopter.

  7. When your rabbit Adoption occurs, you are provided an adoption packet, an Adoption certificate, discount coupons, free vet visit certificates and related info. re how to sign up for nail trims or grooming in the future. Clinics are help in Los Gatos or Santa Cruz

  8. Shopping assistance is provided as well as follow up adoption support.


You can see the available animals on our adoption showcase. The Rabbit Haven - Adoption Showcase (


When you find rabbits of interest to you, contact us at (831) 600-7479 or 831 239-7119 between 11AM and 7PM or email We will send you an adoption application or you may download the adoption questionnaire on line.

We can discuss the rabbits you want to meet and set a specific appointment for you to meet and decide if you wish to adopt. We can answer your questions re the rabbits of interest. (Personality, size, spay/neuter status and any medical concerns If any)

You should fill out our pre-adoption questionnaire and email it to so that we can get to know you better and find the best companion for you.



If you are looking for a friend for your rabbit, we can help you find the perfect match. Our experienced bonders will work with your rabbit and several potential mates, helping you choose the one that best matches your rabbit’s temperament.

We offer initial bonding sessions and will show you how to carry out bonding at home as well. There is no charge for bonding assistance when you are seeking a companion for your existing rabbit.

We offer bonding follow up assistance.


Thank you for visiting the Rabbit Haven