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Rabbit Boarding


Ask about pricing, as well as the type/size of enclosure where your bunny will stay.

Discuss RHDV with your petsitter, so together you can plan how to keep your rabbit safe.

If there are multiple rabbits on the property, many boarding services require all rabbits to be current on their annual RHDV vaccine. Call your vet or our list of rabbit-savvy vets to find a vet who currently has RHDV vaccines. The vaccine reaches full protection 1 week after vaccination, though no vaccine offers 100% protection.

The safest option is to have your rabbit(s) cared for in your home, or boarded where they will be the only rabbit(s) on the property. RHDV is a very contagious disease, and if one rabbit on a property dies, the State Veterinarian’s office could require all the rabbits on the property to be euthanized or quarantined on-site for 4 months or longer (confirmed with CA State Vet office May 2020).

This Bunny Sitting Guide is useful for the Bunny Sitter to know details about your rabbit: BunnySitterGuide.pdf


Boarding in a Private Home

Gabriela Chavez (Vacaville): 510-384-6908. Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV.

Walt Jensen – Burrow Inn (Peninsula): 650-994-7669
Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV.

Debra Mendelsohn (Marin): 415-516-6928

Carolyn Mosher (Benicia): 707-751-1620
RHDV vaccine certificate required to make a reservation. Vaccination must be at least 2 weeks before arrival.

Doggie Dance – Devin Kiehn & Tallon Nunez (Oakland): 510-375-2069  Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV.

SS Bunny Boarding - Alice Liang - San Jose, CA near Starbird Park. Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV.

Rescue Rabbit Rock - Lisa Redmond - Monterey 831 883-1734  Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV. Pricing:


Petsitting in your Home

East Bay

Friends of Bill Pet Sitting (Contra Costa County: Concord/Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek/Danville): 925-890-5072

Rebecca Marlin Pet Care (Oakland, Berkeley, Kensington, Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, and Hercules) – donates 10% to nonprofits

Gabriela Chavez (Vallejo/Fairfield/Vacaville): 510-384-6908

Carolyn Mosher (Benicia/Vallejo): 707-751-1620

South Bay - none

SF Peninsula

Terri’s VIP Service (Redwood City/Menlo Park/San Carlos/Woodside/Portola Valley): mzterri@gmail.com650-533-2346

Rescue Rabbits Rock (Monterey): 831-883-1734

Boarding at a Rescue

SaveABunny (Marin): 415-388-2790
Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV at least 10 days before arrival.

Rescue Rabbits Rock (Monterey): 831-883-1734

House Rabbit Society (Richmond)  


Boarding at Vet Office

Exotic Pet Clinic of Santa Cruz   831-440-8590


HRS Boarding List: