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Finanacial resources for your pet’s medical needs

Primarily, we recommend this resource provided by the Humane Society of United States:


We would also encourage you to look at some of the local shelters who may be offering new programs since COVID began, in anticipation of an eviction crisis and  an overall sheltering shift towards pet owner support programs to decrease owner surrenders.


Pet In Need is now open to Santa Cruz residents as well On a case by case basis.

go ahead and apply as they  have extended our reach on a case by case basis.


Vanessa Hidden                     -Outreach Manager

Pets In Need-3281 E Bayshore Rd

Palo Alto, CA 94303

(650) 427-9710

Visit our website at

Or visit us on Facebook at


People in the United States can buy pet insurance for their rabbits from Nationwide.

However, it does not cover preexisting conditions.