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Abandoned in a dumpster- The story of Nyssa and Charis

The night before Christmas we learned that two sweet bunnies had been thrown away IN a dumpster. With no regard,  they had been tossed out like trash, confined in their dirty cage amidst garbage.

When we heard their story we felt so sad for them and angry that someone could do this to two innocent little girls.  We were horrified and felt so bad for the little ones. 

Angels had to be with them as a Good Samaritan discovered them and pulled them out of their death trap.  She was so shocked & took the bunnies to her nearest shelter who notified us immediately.  My heart broke into a million pieces as I looked at their intake pictures - They were so stunned and frightened. We pledged to take both girls in the second they could be released to us.

Today, the first day they could be released, our Haven rescue team went to work rescuing them from the shelter and bringing them into the Rabbit Haven.  Maurice raced over and  carefully picked up the little ones.  Since then we have been doing our best to clean them up, feed them wonderful food and give them lots of love. Maurice kindly took their first photo. (See their pictures in this post).

Both girls are seriously underweight – they weight only 2.5 and 3 pounds.  They are still very dirty. At the least, now they are safe now.  They will need lots of food, medical care of love to get through all this.  We are all here for them. They are now in medical foster where they can heal, get clean, gain weight, and receive lifesaving medications, vaccinations and spay surgeries.  

Think of these sweet girls today.   Please send them your love and support!  Let’s show them how much we truly care.  Surely we can make up for the terrible experience they have just suffered and make their world a place of joy. We have named them Nyssa and Charis

Please send your love and support to these little girls, abandoned in such a cruel manner. May they know only kindness and love in their  future.  

To donate to them click here.

Love to everyone –Auntie Heather

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