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The Rabbit Haven bunny sitting exchange

As fosters for the Rabbit Haven you may have a need for bun sitters from time to time – We have a bun sitting exchange made up of our fosters.  If you need foster bunny sitting for your fosters, please post the Rabbit Haven’s  FB Topic:  Bun Sitting Foster exchange.  Send me an email at the same time

List bunny name, sex and date bun sitting needed – Post your name and phone number so people can reach you.  The hours that you use in Bun sitting is then offered to the next person who needs bun sitting. 

Note:  the pen, floor cover litter box and food water dish may be needed by the foster (ask).

This way rabbits can stay within the Haven foster system, attend shows on a regular basis and have as little disruption as possible in their lives.

Remember to email me as well so I can keep track of where the rabbit is at all times. 


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