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Two baby orphans just rescued

The Rabbit Haven just rescued 2 orphans about 12 to 14 day young from a local shelter. They both have cat bites and are critical. Please send positive thoughts and messages. They are at one of our baby sites for care.

Treating Kit #1: Deep teeth puncture wound. 

Treating Kit #2: Smaller cat bite but very light weight. Very critical


Update 10-Dec-2018 1:13PM

Babies are holding their own today

Cat bites are serious they will see Vet right away for antibiotics and support



kit 1  went from 215 to 225 grams 

kit 2  went from 278 to 176 grams


The are both on TMS.  We will feed KMR along with private nursing from Fawna.  They rested with Fawna and her litter last night. To donate to their care


Please follow their daily activity on our fb page

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