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Abbygale--adopted Octobber of 2007

I am the new happy parent of "Bugsy", who is now named Abbygale. She is such a joy, for both myself and baby Isabel. As you can see for yourself in the attached pictures, they are two peas in a pod! The transition process went very well, and they were together in one cage, actually much earlier than we had expected. This picture is in their favorite "place"-- the giant round pen (like those at For Other Living Things) -- where they nap and jump and play chase with each other constantly. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to work with The Rabbit Haven to find a perfect addition to our family. Abby compliments Isabel's personality perfectly, and it has been great for me to have at least one affectionate bunny, that will give me kisses too! I appreciated so much that we were able to let Isabel choose her companion - a service that the Humane Society or animal shelters or even pet stores, don't offer. So thank you so much for all your care and willingness to help that made the adoption process better than I could have ever imagined!