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Demetri Finds His Forever Home at Last

I originally fostered Demetri for The Rabbit Haven about a year ago. He spent a few weeks with my boyfriend Steve and I in our home and we grew very fond of him.

When he was adopted, I was sad to see him go but hopeful that he'd found a forever home. This turned out not to be the case. When shopping for rabbit supplies at Pet Pals, I saw a flier seeking to place a rabbit that looked familiar. It turned out to be Demetri! His family was moving and decided not to take him with them (and didn't remember the Haven policy that requires our rabbits to be returned to the Haven if the adopters won't keep them). Steve and I became Demetri's foster parents again. I was desperate that his little heart would not be broken again (he missed his family terribly) and decided to try and introduce him to my female rabbit SweetPea. They hit it off and are the best of friends, and I officially adopted him just a few days later. Thank you so much to Heather and Haven for connecting me to this great little guy!