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McGregor and Anabelle's Story

This is an amazing story of how two rabbits got a new lease on life. McGregor (Greggie, the grey Rex) was abused and attacked by other rabbits when he was little, and had very little human contact for about a year. We tried finding him a friend to assuage his loneliness, but he was far too terrified during introductions and would get chased constantly. He had too many traumas in his previous life - we couldn't force this on him.  One last time, we brought Greggie down to meet a friend - as before, nothing was working out. Just one more rabbit to try...  

Enter Annabelle.

She had her own sad story - rapid succession litters that didn't survive and neglect were just part of it. Annabelle was on the verge of being euthanized, but the dedication of Rabbit Haven volunteers saved her. This little blue-eyed Dutch was very fragile and easily frightened but in spite of it all, was so sweet to humans. This beautiful angel was our last chance.

Have you heard of love at first sight? She hopped up to McGregor and immediately started kissing his sad little head. Scared but eager for more, he tentatively stretched out to her as she hopped away. She came back and cuddled him some more, and after that, there was no way we could ever separate them again.

But there's still one more happy part - Greggie had been very scared of people. He always ran away when we came around. After not even 1 week with his new sweetheart, he comes up to us for attention! They spend most of the day cuddled next to each other smooching, and it almost brings tears to my eyes. Never did two rabbits deserve more love after what they went through.