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Muffin Summer

I always wanted a rabbit. Maureen, Laura, and I went to Petsmart Rabbit Haven. Rabbit Haven comes every two weeks. It has rabbits that are up for adoption. I adopted a brown and gold Lop Ear rabbit, Muffin Summer. Having Muffin Summer made me wonder how she communicates with me.

With Muffin Summer, and with other rabbits, it is hard to tell what they are thinking or feeling because there is not a specific noise they make. Unlike dogs or cats rabbits use their body to communicate with surroundings.

Rabbits show that they are relaxed by stretching their front and back legs away from their body. They lay on their sides, and relax while watching things around them. Muffin Summer enjoys relaxing wherever she is. When she is relaxing, she seems to enjoy being pet. Sometimes, when Muffin Summer is relaxing in the classroom, she will like to be alone in her cardboard box.

Muffin Summer shows me that she wants or needs affection by using her body. She rubs her chin over objects or organisms to show affection. Rabbits, in general, also will nudge you with their forehead to get attention. One of the ways I show my rabbit affection is by sniffing my nose against hers. A way Muffin Summer shows affection is that she would love nip.

When Rabbits are unhappy or annoyed they will lunge with their front feet. They use a high pitch squeak to show they are hurt or nervous. Another way they show they are uncomfortable or nervous is by squirming and wiggling. Muffin Summer squirms a little bit when she is restless, and when she is near a surface she wants to hop onto. A third way she indicates nervousness is by speed with which she wiggles her nose. The faster she wiggles, the more nervous she is.

Rabbits are extremely curious animals. Sometimes Muffin Summer with stand up on her hind legs to see what is going on. She will put her ears forward when she is curious. Muffin Summer likes to sit in a chair at the kitchen table while I have a meal, so she can see everything.

There are many ways that rabbits communicate with their surroundings. Learning about what makes rabbits happy will help me make my rabbit happy. Researching about the way rabbits communicate helps me understand them better. By learning about Muffin Summer I can become a better owner.