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Nefertiti was found wandering around in someone's back yard. The residents of the house were worried about her, so they called The Haven. One of our volunteers went out to the site and was able to capture Neffi and bring her into the house. She had an eye infection that was causing her eyes to run and made her squint all the time. She seemed to be in pain, so she came to us as a medical foster bunny. We had been a foster site for several sick and injured bunnies before, and Auntie Heather thought that we could take Neffi to see a vet and help clear up her eye problems.

We took Nefertiti to see Dr. Carolynn Harvey, DVM, who noted an infection in her eyes and prescribed a course of antibiotic eye drops. Neffi recovered from the eye infection quickly, and then was spayed by Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM. She also recovered quickly from her spay, and was then ready to try to find a permanent home of her own.

Neffi is a large bunny, extremely friendly and gentle. She was such a joy to have as a foster bunny. She loved any kind of food and craved attention, laying her rather large head in your hand so that you could give her a head scratch with the other hand. She liked to spend time just sitting with us either reading or relaxing. As you can see from the picture, she was quite a cuddle bunny also. She was so large that when we let her out for play time, she'd always jump over the gate and wander into whatever room we were in. We finally gave up, and someone would sit with her when she was out since she enjoyed the company.

A lady saw Neffi's picture on the web site and really wanted to meet her as a mate for her bunny. They lady wanted a bunny who was large and cuddly, and we thought that Neffi fit the bill perfectly. The lady fell in love with Neffi right away, and soon after the bond with her bunny was done as well. Nefertiti had found a great home for herself, and a bunny companion too.

We really enjoyed the time that Nefertiti spent with us. We were a transition for her, from her previous life on the streets into the comfortable life of a house rabbit. Seeing her transition, and seeing her get a great home of her own was so rewarding for us. We were very happy for her when she was adopted, and still have great memories of the time she spent with us.