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Dear Auntie Heather

I wanted to write and thank you for sending me on such a lovely vacation. Little did you know I was hatching a master plan and it has finally worked. I was able to convince the human servants (a.k.a. Beth & Arian), at this resort that I would NOT be leaving and should be considered a permanent resident. I really turned on the charm, practiced all my cute and adorable poses, and have caused no problems with the rest of the riff-raff...I mean residents here. 

So, with your approval, I'm retiring from public life and future Petsmart appearances and will be staying here at the Boulder Creek Animal Mountain Resort (also known as Beth and Arian's house).

I asked the help to write this letter, but they have gone off to the store with the list I gave them of all my favorite foods and treats so I had to do it myself...SIGH...I still have a lot of work to do training those two.

Much love,

King Raziel 
Lord of the Manor,
Boulder Creek, CA

Auntie Heather replies to Raziel:

Dear King Raziel,

Hello there so you have enjoyed your vacation and now I see that you have indeed enchanted your humans there in Boulder Creek - wow! what a lucky boy you are. The resort (your new home) is just spectacular and I am certain your permanent residency is just the ticket to your happy, eventful, binky-filled and munchie sprinkled life. Just be sure to give your humans kisses and snuggles also OK?

Now, between us, I know you are just splendid. I knew you were destined for a great life the minute I saw you. Imagine that old shelter now. And to think, they didn't even want to put you in the adoption section! well!!! phooey on them. Now look at you --King Raziel! You made it big time fella and I love you so much..and your family.

Now please be considerate of the other residents of the resort though. After all you all come from interesting circumstances and I am certain you have so much to share. So what do you think of your new digs? Are you being a really good boy? No cord eating or anything? You are joining a big family so I hope you have fun with everyone- I know they have their ways but you are a kind bunny boy - I imagine right know you are just glowing though. I am very proud of you!

You have been just perfect ever since I first held you so I can't imagine that has changed any- You just be yourself and remember, I love you! Write often.

Kisses to you and you humans too 
I am just so excited for you!!!!

Auntie Heather 
Tell your mom and Dad congratulations from me OK?