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Ruddy and Buddy

We adopted our two bunnies only a few days before Valentine's Day 2011. We didn't have any experience and only a little knowledge about bunnies before we went to the adoption show in Sunnyvale. That was the first time we saw bunnies and spent some time around them. We didn't want to make a quick decision so we decided to come to the next show in Santa Cruz. There we met Praline and Pecan, as they were then called, a bonded pair of bunny brothers. We had a chance to spend time with them in an x-pen. It was love at first sight. They were so cute we knew we had to take them home with us that day. And we did.

We gave them new names: Ruddy and Buddy. We found out that adopting two bunnies was a great decision. Not only they are friends keeping company to each other but we can watch their interaction. They groom each other, play together, eat from one hay basket, explore our apartment and lie close to each other (even when they have a lot of space in the whole apartment). It is also very interesting for us to watch their different personalities. Ruddy loves to be petted, he lowers his head and we can stroke him until we are exhausted. Buddy is more relaxed and likes to flop a lot and to sleep on his side. They are both always very excited when we bring them fresh hay or give them new willow toys. They like to chew their cardboard boxes and sometimes our carpet too :) It is also very entertaining for us to see them running fast, doing binkies or to watch them cleaning their faces and ears.

We are utterly happy that we brought our two bunnies into our hearts and home. We are very grateful to our Haven conselors who spent several hours telling us all the important information we needed to handle our bunnies and feel confident bringing them home. We also appreciate work of all people from The Rabbit Haven who are willing to help us anytime we ask for their help. We would like to say a huge Thanks to Auntie Heather who is always here for us when we need some help or advice. We love to bring our bunnies every month for the nail trimming, meet with all those devoted people, say hello to Heather and show her how great are our bunnies doing. We wish that all bunnies had that chance to find loving homes and bring so much love and fun to their owners.