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Gabriel's Story

This sweet little guy was found in a field. He was skinny, dehydrated and unable to move and he had tons of dried blood and feces stuck all over his fur. This caused him to have scalding burns inside both legs and on his bottom.

Two Bunnies Found in a Trash Heap

Today, Animal Control officers confiscated two rabbits that were being kept in deplorable and sickening conditions. You cannot even see the rabbits in this disgusting cage- People stink! This cage is beyond belief! The rescued rabbits are A male white and a female brown bunny. Medium sized and very scared. They have been cleaned up a bit for their pictures below. These charming rabbits were in the tiny cage which was sitting on top of two garbage cans and the cans were completely filled with waste. The cage was also full of rabbit waste so the bunnies smelled awful too.

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