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ALERT / Deadly Myxomatosis hits Santa Cruz County

Myxomatosis is carried by the mosquito and flea- Rabbit housed out doors are at a high risk of infection. Please bring your rabbits indoors. Dr Stern reported a case of deadly myxo on 7-8-2019 …right here in Santa Cruz county. Your rabbits are in danger if they are outside. Watch for a Myxomatosis article coming soon by Dr Hilary Stern of Animal Hospital of Soquel Santa Cruz County. Please take needed precautions and keep your rabbits safe. Call 831 239-7119 for more info Stop by our show this Sunday 7-14 at PetPals to discuss this info with one of our counselors.

Father's Day photos wanted

Dear Haven Rabbit families,

It is almost Father’s day.  

To celebrate, the Rabbit Haven is gathering photos of bunnies with their foster or adoptive dads,
uncles, grand dads. Once we have all photos in, we will post them on FB and our web to celebrate.

Please send your photos in jpeg format to  

Please send them by June 24th at the latest to give me time to process and design the post.

Happy picture taking. I can hardly wait to see you and your bunnies.


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