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Nala needs foster help!

Northern CA -urgent foster needed 831 239-7119

(letter from Nala

Hello out there, This is Nala! I am a small lion head mix, gorgeous girl and I need a permanent foster home. This Saturday a foster was coming in to foster me.  I waited and waited but they did not come to get me! I felt sad- all the other rabbits went to new or foster homes - not me ) ;

Then Maureen said she would make room for me temp. I guess I looked pretty unhappy and alone in my carrier with the show closed and all other rabbits gone.  I appreciate that so much- what a relief. But I need to move on this week as she has very limited space.. Can you foster me please? I am no trouble at all- I just need to settle in and relax - Please call auntie about me -she will make arrangements to get me to you! Plus a full foster set up!

Love, Nala oh, Auntie's number is 831 239-7119

Please call right away OK? Or yu can even email

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