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Urgent rescue needed - Letter from Mietta

Mietta and her children Fayette, Eerin, Darma and Suno need urgent rescue & or foster

Hello – My babies and I are in trouble. We are at a shelter where we will not be allowed to stay. I am scared for my babies. They are only 4 weeks old & I am still nursing them – I am scared. I need a loving foster family please. Is there anyone out there to help me? Please, it is not for me but for my babies. My children were born into hardship where they were not wanted. Now we are dumped at a shelter where we cannot stay. The Haven heard about us and agreed to help set up a foster site so my family can live. Can you offer us a place in your home? The haven can provide you with the pen and a litter box, food water dishes and floor covering. Please consider our plight. The babies are so young – We eat hay and the children love to play –

I do not know what else to say except to plead for our lives. You are our only hope. The Rabbit Haven and other rescues are completely full right now. We are stranded

Call Auntie Heather and she will help get me to you –the Rabbit Haven will then be responsible for our adoption services in Sunnyvale or Santa Cruz areas- Please help my babies - Call right away please (831) 600-7479 or (831) 239-7119 Ask for Heather

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