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Nina asks for your help. End date 9-3

Ricci is rescued and now adopted.


Hello - My name is Nina and I am  on the needs rescue list at a local shelter. I have only until September 3rd at the latest.  The reason they say I need to go is because I have a wet nose. I am really sad and scared.  First I get dumped here now I cannot even stay here.  I do not know what to think or do. I am worried.   It is very hard being abandoned.  Then on top of that to end up on the list.  Will you please consider helping me to get out of the shelter? I need a foster home please. The Haven said they can pick me up, bring me to you and even loan an x pen and my set up supply/ They will also  take care of my vet bills. 

Please just call Heather 831 239-7119 she can work out all the details. Please call ASAP  

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