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Barley is safe!

Barley  is struck at a shelter where he was dumped and due to a little med issue he is marked as NEEDS RESCUE –  not good.  It means time is limited and he must leave the shelter.Please help Barley

He needs help to get out of the shelter in time. Can you offer him a foster home please?    I have to get him out by 10-3.  He is still a bit dazed about ending up at the shelter but every day he improves.

Who will help this sweet boy. Here is what a shelter volunteer wrote about him

“He makes my heart flutter.  Such a dear & gentle, gorgeous  4 pound bunny.  He is a bit shy but can you blame him?  ..he's been cleaning himself up since arriving at shelter. He is doing his best.   

This little boy  is a bunny who has clearly  never been cared for- He has scars on his tiny body  - it looks like old healed scars around eyes, nose.  But he has character and as he looks at me & I can see he needs so much love.  He is ready.

The rabbit Haven will provide a full set up for him –x pen, food water dishes litter box, floor cover, and we pay for his med costs –You provide the love. Call auntie 831 239-7119 or email

Love Auntie Heather

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