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Rabbits need foster by 2-11th

Fosters needed ASAP – Small,  med or large rabbits.  Please let me know if you can help. Foster homes needed by 2-11-2023.  We can set up mid week of on Saturday 2-11 in los Gatos.   Rabbits that need foster:  Adorable pair, Ashley and Tavi; Sweet sisters, Imala and Eira; Affectionate Roo,  a sweet n male; Charming Michelangelo , a small boy; Vesper and Polo,  An amazing  lop/rex pair; and pretty Fiona, a Dutch. Please check to see if you have space to help.

The Haven provides full set up for fosters Including:  x pen, floor covers, food water dishes litter box and a full education packet. 

All these rabbit need foster by 2-11 at the latest.  Call me ASAP 831 239-7119 Email

Please help if you have even one space for one of these rabbits.  

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