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Kyrie, bunny with severe fracture to her back hock

Sweet Kyrie went to the Vet this morning- Sadly she has injured her back leg and needed x rays, vet exam + a plan.

Dr. Deng called and reported that her left back hock is badly fractured and she may lose her leg - the vets have suggested we give her 2 weeks to heal and then she will need another apt at that time if she still cannot bear weight, she will need an amputation.  If you can support this little one you may donated here today’s bill alone was $500.00  If she needs leg amputation it will be another 800 dollars- Poor baby girl. 

Not the news I had hoped for – I will keep you up to date.  Let’s hope that she will miraculously heal. To help Kyrie heal please donate here: Donate | The Rabbit Haven


Auntie Heather

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