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Jack has been rescued.

Thank you from Jack!

Hi everyone,  this is Jack!  I was so nervous this morning.. I could feel the tension in the rabbit room.  I could hardly eat -I  was worried cause it was my last day. (at least that is what I heard) In case you are wondering, we rabbits can understand what you are saying.  Well, I had to leave the shelter and today was the last day.

So this morning I looked out into the rabbit room at the other rabbits and I felt sad and scared at the same time!  But then I heard a happy greeting- The man said “Hi jack, I am here to give you a ride -today you are leaving the shelter- It is a good thing!”

  I moved really close to the cage bars so I could see- It was Tom!  I know Tom He was here before.  I think he picked up some hamsters just yesterday!   He is nice.  

Then,  before I knew it,  he scooped me up and put me in a carrier.  He told me I was safe and that I was going to a temp foster.  Well, I do not know what that is,  but I will soon find out.. Better than the other option -If you know what I mean. 

Tom opened my carrier when we got in the car.  Then he told assured me I would soon be home.  Then we were off to my new life – first with Ricky and Jeanne (people I have not met but Tom said they are really nice- then somewhere else… Oh yes HRS.   That is a rabbit rescue up on Richmond – but I have to see the vet first hummm


So thank you everyone who helped get me out of the super full shelter and safe – I am on a new adventure. I am so happy!  I will let you know what a temp foster is as soon as I find out.

 Love you so much  Jack

Jack came in as a “stray” which is another way of saying he was abandoned. He was so sad when he arrived. He was depressed and just stared out at the shelter staff feeling dejected and lost. Jack did not even care to move. Plus, his ear hurt and his white feet were covered in dirt.

At first, he was not even interested in food but he was very thirsty. He just sat and stared out at the people and the other rabbits and picked lightly at the food offered. He was just so sad. Each day a kind rabbit volunteer would come in to talk with him and finally one day he nudged her hand. She petted his head and he felt a rush of happiness and a glimmer of hope came into his heart.

Next Jack went in to see the Vet who treated his mites (ugh) Every day after the treatment he felt better and better. His little feet were so dirty but they were cleaned off. He was so happy to get cleaned up. He looked forward to the nice lady who came to talk with him and give him fresh greens. He decided to eat. He cleaned up his fur and started to eat his fresh hay.

At night when the lights went out, he dreamed of a sweet home, a real family who would love him and where he could live and be happy. He imagined hopping about in the house on soft carpets and jumping up next to his pen to watch tv. Or maybe just finding a nice cozy place to rest and relax with toys and all things bunny. Then the day would come, lights on, and the shelter life continued. He wondered if this was to be his life now. Now if only the nice lady would come to talk with him. He was lonely.

Then one day a different person came into the rabbit room and they put something on his cage. The nice lady came in and seemed concerned. He saw her looking at the papers then she left looking back at him. “Be right back “she said, and off she went. As it turned out, due to his mites he had been placed on the “needs rescue” list - So Jack could not stay at the shelter. He heard the lady call someone asking to help him find another place quick. She gave Jack a pet and a hug and said she would try and help.

So, Jack is waiting at the shelter and has until 12-4th to find foster or an adoptive home. He feels a bit unsettled. He is counting us to help him. The Rabbit Haven wants to find him a home or at the least a foster. Is there anyone out there who can see how he feels and who will help him? He needs to be neutered and vaccinated, but Haven will take care of that. If you want to adopt, we will make it happen. If you want to foster, we will loan you his supply. The important thing now is that he gets out of the shelter on time. Jack so deserves a safe, happy home. Will you help him?

Please let us know what you can do to support Jack- He is truly a sweet rabbit. He has had enough hard knocks It is time that he have some happiness and joy in his life.

Call or email me OK 831 239-7119 Let’s make jack’s dreams come true.

Please help Jack

Love, Auntie Heather

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